30 Baby Hacks to Upgrade Parents’ Lives

By Shannon
30 Baby Hacks to Upgrade Parents’ Lives

Most first-time parents feel incredibly overwhelmed. There is so much to do, and never enough time to do it. You are running on little-to-no sleep, and yet you are expected to be responsible for this tiny little life. Thankfully, there are parents out there who have been through this before. There are absolutely pros out there who are willing to give their best tips on how to crush this whole parenting thing. Here at Self-Made, we’re bringing you some of the best “baby hacks” we can find.

Coconut oil is a natural remedy for so many problems. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Remove Cradle Cap with Coconut Oil

You may have heard how coconut oil is great for your skin, and that goes for babies, too! Some newborns suffer from a rash called “cradle cap”. This is a lot like dandruff, and it is not harmful to your baby’s health at all. The Mayo Clinic recommends shampooing your baby’s hair, and gently trying to loosen the flakes, but you need to be careful with over-shampooing, which will cause dryness. Instead of going to the doctor for a prescription ointment, try rubbing some coconut oil on your baby’s scalp instead. This will help moisten the skin on their head, and it should help clear up the condition in no time.

It’s a good idea to start using mesh laundry bags. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Start Using Mesh Laundry Bags

You may already have mesh laundry bags to clean your bras in the washing machine to prevent them from getting tangled with your other clothes. (If not, please get them ASAP. They are life changing.) They can also be used for so much more. Baby socks, mittens, and other small items are incredibly easy to lose. So, if you want to make sure you keep everything intact, start putting everything in a zip-up mesh laundry bag.