26 of the Easiest Bachelor’s Degrees to Earn


2. Liberal Arts

For students who don’t have a concrete idea of what they’d like to major in, consider a liberal arts degree. This degree is all about general education, as you will study a wide range of topics. Liberal arts majors take classes in composition, humanities, history, mathematics and more. Many liberal arts courses are interdisciplinary, meaning they are comprised of several different areas of study.

When studying liberal arts, you could take classes on religious and ethical values, world views, fundamentals of speech, and advanced composition. By studying liberal arts, students are allowed to strengthen critical thinking skills, communication, problem-solving, and decision making. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for a variety of professional fields. The general focus of a liberal arts degree program makes it one of the easiest to complete. You’ll most likely need to take one or two math or science courses for general education requirements, but nothing too complicated. Among career options for a liberal arts major are a librarian, real estate agent, sociologist, historian, and economist.