26 of the Easiest Bachelor’s Degrees to Earn

By Trista
26 of the Easiest Bachelor’s Degrees to Earn

Getting into college nowadays is a struggle in and of itself. It’s not only expensive, but dealing with all of the hard work that comes with being in college makes it laborious for more people to balance their lives. Online learning has become a viable way for people to get their college education on their own time. A large number of schools offer online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in a wide variety of majors. Whether you prefer to study humanities, math, and science, or another field, you will most likely be able to earn your degree in a shorter amount of time by choosing an online program.

If your goal is to get your degree and enter the workforce as soon as possible, consider an accelerated online school. By choosing a major that’s less intense, you can fulfill your requirements in 12 to 18 months in most cases. Generally, degree programs that require students to take less math, science, technology, and engineering classes are considered easier.

Are you looking to complete a bachelor’s program in a short amount of time? Check out the easiest college degrees to obtain in 2019. We’ve taken into account the ease of getting into the bachelor degree program, the amount of work involved, and the success rates of those who’ve enrolled in these degree programs.



1. English Literature

If you love to read and write, majoring in English literature is a great choice! An English literature degree usually involved studying the composition of various written works. You’ll learn about famous authors ranging from ancient writers to modern poets. English literature students examine rhetoric used by authors as well as their grammar and editing.

A significant portion of studying English literature involves reading, analyzing, and writing papers about notable books and poems. Students are taught to analyze creative, persuasive, and expository writing. You’ll explore literary theories and learn how to critique literature. Classic American and British literature will be included in your syllabi, including works from William Shakespeare and Walt Whitman. In addition to taking literature classes, English lit majors usually take a foreign language course as well as general liberal arts classes. The most challenging part of being an English major is learning complex grammar and writing style rules as well as critical analysis of past literature. Those that graduate with a degree in English literature can have a career as a journalist, author, editor, publishing house executive, PR specialist, teacher, or marketer.