25 Successful People Who Can Surprisingly Change Life In 2018

By Loraine
25 Successful People Who Can Surprisingly Change Life In 2018

Successful people tend to also be influential. They want to share their knowledge because they are so passionate about it. They help many people with their own personal development. They know how to help you because they’ve found the recipe to help themselves. Although not every voice will speak to every mind, we have put together 25 successful people from all walks of life that may have an impact on you in 2018.

It’s important to have mentors if you yourself want to be successful. One of these highly successful people or perhaps a few of them should prove to be a great mentor for achieving what you want in life. They are responsible for helping people reach their goals in life through inspirational and motivational words along with advice and tools on getting what you want.

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1 Simon T. Bailey

Simon T. Bailey, CEO of his company Simon T. Bailey International founded the Brilliance Institute. He helps people find their brilliance which involves inspiring people. Once a sales director for the Disney Institute, he now helps the biggest influencers in the world achieve their goals. He is an author and a speaker, helping over 1,500 organization. He has impacted more than 2 million people in over 20 countries.

His most recent publication, ‘Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc’ will help you see what you want your life to be like. He then asks that you write it down. Put the things you want down on paper. Then read it every day and repeat what you want. Then you have to believe it will happen and behave as though it’s on its way for you. Do this and the sky is the limit in 2018.