25 Skills to Master in Order to Work from Anywhere as a Digital Nomad

By Loraine
25 Skills to Master in Order to Work from Anywhere as a Digital Nomad

The increase of people working remotely instead of at an office has risen quickly in recent years which makes good sense. If you have a skill that you’re willing to offer without taking up office space, you’re a greater asset than a full time paid employee. Not to mention you can live wherever you want in the world usually. This may mean your expenses are drastically reduced while still bringing in your countries currency.

Technology has created a new way for us to work and live. It has the potential to be a more balanced life because it is of your own making. The digital nomad lifestyle is taking the world by storm. You can do co-working on a yacht in Thailand, sit by a pool in Bali, or get your work done while sipping on a coffee in Costa Rica. The world is your oyster and the time to get into this bustling digital nomad world is now.

No matter what your profession or expertise is, it’s likely that someone online needs what you have to offer in some way, shape, or form. Sure, you may need to amalgamate your skills. For example, you know all about addiction because you worked as a counselor. You might not have the writing skills to create content. Take a course online. There are plenty. Some are free but if you pay, they are reasonable and fast. A small price to pay for living a life of freedom and adventure.

So what do you want to do for a living as you roam the world? Here are 25 digital nomad skills that are giving people their income for this exciting lifestyle.

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1. Copywriting

Do you know what a copywriter is referred to? A salesman in print. If you can write words that inspire people to take the actions you want them to, you can make a pretty good living. This is a high demand gig online because let’s face it, every online business needs to have a lot of content to rank well on google and sell their products/services.

If you happen to have a knack for writing, take some low paying gigs to start. Get something in your portfolio. Eventually, it will build into better contracts and you’ll be able to leave your job. The entry-level jobs for copywriting have fairly low expectations so it gives you an opportunity to feel the lay of the land without disappointing clients.

You can slowly begin to learn how to do extra value tasks too. SEO and backlinking are a few examples of that.

To start, put a profile of yourself on Upwork or freelancer. These sites don’t always have clients that want to pay a lot but it’s good experience and you can show off your work history online.

If you want to take a little education to hone your writing skills, there are courses on Udemy and Skillshare.