25 Reasons Why ‘Dumb’ Rich People Succeed More Than ‘Smart’ Poor People

Rich kids will never stop trying to receive their degrees. Credit: Shutterstock

24. They Can Afford to Complete Their Education

If you do poorly on the SATs or any graduate school entrance exam, it is possible to take it a second or third time until you get a better school. However, it costs $64 each time you take the test. In college, if someone fails a course, they can also pay to take it a second time if they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to do so. Whatever grade they receive on the second try will replace the first one. This can boost someone’s GPA and improve their chances of success later in life. However, not everyone can afford to keep trying over and over again. Many people can try only once or twice before the thousands of dollars in tuition no longer makes sense.

Even if they struggle, wealthy people value having an education. Credit: Shutterstock

Even if the student manages to get good grades, their socio-economic status still works against them. According to The Balance, 70% of today’s High School graduates go to college. That seems like a huge number until you realize that 30% of them will drop out in their first year. And out of the remaining students, 51% of them have to drop out for financial reasons. A whopping 89% of kids who are the first in their family to go to college end up dropping out.