20 Ways Successful People Use Tech Differently Than Poor People

Successful people know not to send e-mails at night. Credit: Pixabay

19. No Emails Late at Night

In today’s world, we can’t completely unplug from technology, especially if we always have our cellphones by our side. Almost everyone has experienced receiving a work email late at night from a colleague. It can’t be helped if you work with people around the world, and you all live in multiple time zones. But if you both work and live in the same area, you should never send work-related emails in the evening. This comes off as blatant disrespect for someone’s personal time. Successful people are also more likely to ignore their co-workers when they receive an email at home.

Answering working e-mails on the weekend is a big no-no for successful people. Credit: Kaboom Pics

Common sense would tell you not to bother someone when they are trying to relax and enjoy their night. However, statistics have shown that usually, this level of showing respect for a colleague is more common among people who are highly successful. There isn’t a class in “bad tech habits”, so some people never realize they’re being obnoxious until someone points it out to them.