20 Ways Successful People Use Tech Differently Than Poor People

By Shannon
20 Ways Successful People Use Tech Differently Than Poor People

Modern technology has become so vital to our society that people from all walks of life are using smartphones and computers. But how does technology plays a role in someone’s success? We all use the same products in all walks of life. ResumeLab has done an in-depth study on how successful people utilize technology in their everyday lives. Everyone has a different interpretation of what “success” means. The survey asked participants to rank their personal satisfaction in different areas of life like their job, relationship, family, and finances in addition to ranking their own success.

So people who were “highly successful” both had society’s objective definition, as well as the participant’s subjective opinion that they had achieved a high level of success in their life. It turns out that “highly successful” people do, in fact, have completely different technology habits than someone who identifies as “unsuccessful” or “moderately successful.” Learning these tips just might help you have a better experience with technology and may even help you improve your own success.

Successful parents limit their child’s time on an iPad. Credit: Burst by Shopify

20. No iPad as a Babysitter

These days you’re likely to see parents pushing a stroller while their child is staring at a phone or an iPad. This is also a common tactic parents use when their kids are getting fussy during a road trip. This is rewarding bad behavior in your child. And instead of helping them cope with real life, you are teaching them to disconnect by staring at a screen.

Technology can help with education, but too much is unhealthy. Credit: Pixabay

Successful people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs raised their kids in a technology-free household. Even though they both worked in the tech industry, they understood the importance of letting a kid be a kid. Giving children time with electronic devices should be used as a reward for good behavior like getting their chores done. Many parents also give their kids a time limit on the device.