20 People Who Got To Live Their Dream Life

By Shannon

There is a saying of “living the dream”, but it’s probably used more sarcastically than anything else. Few people in the world actually get to live their dream life. When they do, it is usually due to hard work and dedication to the things they love. Here are 20 inspiring people who get to live their dream life.

David Dobrik laughs with his friends and does pranks for a living. Credit: Twitter

20. David Dobrik

As a teenager, David Dobrik became famous for posting short comedy video clips on an app called Vine. He moved on to making videos for YouTube, which completely changed the style of comedy seen on the platform at the time. Before David Dobrik, channels like Smosh and NigaHiga would post scripted skits, while comedians like Jenna Marbles would go on rants that were more like standup. David Dobrik’s style is a lot like the TV show Jackass, where the same cast of friends get together to do pranks and stunts. His channel currently has nearly 10 million subscribers, and he became a multi-millionaire before he even turned 21.

Dobrik has often said during his podcasts and in interviews that he works as hard as he can every single day, because he never takes his life for granted, and he feels as though he is one of the luckiest people in the world.