20 Important Life Choices That Determine Success

Regret can be a painful thing. Credit: Shutterstock

19. Regret Never Trying

In our last entry, we talked about how much fear can hold you back from trying new things. That leads us to our second big choice you have to make. If you don’t do the things you have always dreamed of, will you regret it? For most, the answer is yes.

Will you look back on your life and regret the chances you didn’t take? Credit: Shutterstock

Think back to all of the times in your life when you tried something and failed. Do you regret trying to do that thing? Chances are, you forgave yourself for the failure because at least you made an attempt. For example, if you ask your crush out on a date, and they say “no,” it will be embarrassing. But at least you don’t have to look back and wonder if you missed an opportunity for them to say “yes.”