Employment Update: The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs in America

By Simi

There is a saying that goes, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” However, the reality is somewhat different. People can’t always do what they love. In fact, most of the time the motivators for getting a job don’t include passion or desire. People try to get jobs that pay the most, or they get the job that is available to them.

Entering the job market with this kind of mindset almost always results in disappointment. But, people need to work. They need an income. This is not a choice each one of us makes. It is an absolute requirement. With the job market and global economic climate being what they are, unemployment has become a real possibility for thousands of people. How then does one avoid it?

The obvious answer is higher education. Although a degree doesn’t guarantee a job, it helps your chances, but it is not set in stone. In many cases, it is not the presence of a degree that counts, but rather which degree. Entering a saturated market is extremely competitive, even with a degree. This kind of market saturation changes with the times.

Jobs that are popular today might well have seemed quite risky only 10 years ago. Therefore, it is paramount to stay updated on the current status quo if you want to avoid extended periods of unemployment. Here are 20 of the fastest growing jobs in America.

1. Interpreter and Translator

There is something attractive about a person who can speak a foreign language. What the attraction is exactly, is not all that clear. But it is undeniable that multi-lingual people are desirable. Aside from the attraction part of speaking multiple languages, there is also work in this field.

Interpreters translate spoken dialogues or conversations from one language to another while translators do this same thing in writing. Here are the three different types of ways to interpret a language:

  • Simultaneous interpreting happens while a person is speaking.
  • Sight translation is the conversion of a written document into another language on the spot.
  • Consecutive translation happens after a person has concluded what they were saying.

Translators working in the written sphere can take on many forms. However, the end goal is the same. Once a translator has produced a document in another language, it must be identical to the original but in another language.

Due to the range and that people will always need to communicate with one another, multi-lingual people can choose from a huge variety of jobs. Employment for these positions is available in almost every field. This profession has a growth rate of 29 percent and the median income is $43,590.