20 People Who Became Celebrities Overnight

Jane Park won the lottery when she was 17 years old. Credit: The Mirror

19. Jane Park

In 2012 a Scottish 17-year old named Jane Park won the EuroMillions lottery. She was working in an office making minimum wage when she learned that the lottery ticket she had purchased was worth one million pounds. Since she was too young to to even drink champagne when she won, so they gave her soda, instead. She became famous overnight, because her face and name were in all of the newspapers about the lucky teenager who was starting her life out with so much money. The EuroMillions attempted to give her a financial advisor to work with to help her manage her money. But she says that at such a young age, she could not really understand the concepts behind growing her money though investing and saving.

Jane Park listened to her family and friends instead, who all told her to buy whatever she wanted. She got plastic surgery, bought a few cars, a house, and a lot of fashion. After all of that spending, she realized that it changed her life in a negative way, because she doesn’t know who truly cares about her, and who is trying to get to her money. She has 127,000 followers on Instagram. With that many followers, she is able to work together with brands who are willing to pay her to promote their products through her Instagram, but besides that, she claimed on a TV show called This Morning that winning the lottery made her life “miserable”. She thinks that 17 is far too young to suddenly become a millionaire overnight, and she sued the EuroMillions lottery to change their policy of allowing under-aged people to become winners.