20 People Who Became Celebrities Overnight

By Shannon
20 People Who Became Celebrities Overnight

Tons of people wish they could be rich and famous, but few people actually manage to accomplish this, even after years of going on auditions and putting themselves out there. Many people spend loads of time daydreaming about having masses of adoring fans, hanging out with celebrities, or living a luxurious life. Normally, this takes years of hard work, and it is almost impossible for anyone to have an “overnight success”. Keep in mind that “famous” is not synonymous with “successful”, so not everyone on this list was able to leverage their 15 minutes of fame into a full-time career. Here are 20 stories of people who were at the right place at the right time, and became famous overnight.

Mason Ramsey is bringing old school country music back in style. Credit: Billboard.com

20. Mason Ramsey

No would would ever imagine that country yodeling would ever come back in style, but for one 11-year old boy named Mason Ramsey, he single-handedly brought it back. Growing up, Mason would listen Hank Williams, a country music star from the 1940’s, at his grandparents house. From a very young age, Mason was copying the yodeling he heard on the old records, and his grandparents wanted to show his talent to the world.His grandparents started taking him to Walmart to yodel for shoppers in Southern Illinois, since it was one of the only public venues where he could perform.

Eventually, someone actually did take notice, because they recorded him on their cellphones. A YouTube video titled “Walmart Yodeling Kid” was uploaded to YouTube of an 11-year old named Mason Ramsey. He was incredibly talented, and the world realized this too, as the video went viral. Ellen Degeneres had him on her show, and he was invited to sing at the famous Grand Ole Opry. At the time this article was written, he is signed to Atlantic Records, and he is already launching his music career. He has released a few singles and music videos. Considering that he is still only in elementary school, there is no telling just how famous he will be in the future.