18 Ways To Pay Rent Without Selling Blood

By Simi
18 Ways To Pay Rent Without Selling Blood

The plight of the adult these days is to be qualified and have an education but still not be able to afford the basic cost of living. It is like one huge plot hole in life, and one that is mostly felt by the newer generations.

A couple of decades ago, a university education was not unobtainable. Minimum wage was able to support a family. The housing market was not a black hole that consumed the dreams and aspirations of all those who dared go near it. The baby boomers wonder why millennials are so sour about their existence, well this is why. They are not generation Z, who grew up knowing things were pretty bleak.

When millennials were children, hope was still alive. They were told that if they worked hard, they could achieve their dreams. This notion only started falling apart when they started qualifying. Once they headed out into the big, bad world, they realized the world was not as kind as it was presented to be.

It is difficult, a slog and unfair. The scales are not tipped in their favor. They are not tipped in anyone’s favor. Except the remarkably rich, that is. But, with the following tips and tricks, rent should not be the foremost concern of any person struggling to get by. Where there is a will, there is a way, and these are the ways.

18. Save with Apps

There’s an app for everything. This is the beauty and at times the horror of this new digital world. In this particular instance, it’s a wonderfully good thing because there are apps that can actually make saving more palatable.

Why does saving need to be palatable, you may ask? Well, because it’s not any fun. Sure, everyone knows they should be saving, but this doesn’t make it an enjoyable thing. Saving is wrapped up in delayed gratification, an entirely foreign concept to the new generations.

These budding adults are used to things being available at the tap of a button. They are not accustomed to waiting or planning for the future. Why would they be, if the future is so uncertain? But, back to the initial point.

Saving is a must, and downloading an app called WinWin will help you do so with the tap of a button. Once set up, small and set amounts of money go into the app to be saved. One can also play games like pinball to add a little extra to the existing savings.