18 Signs to Pay Attention To With Your Romantic Companion

By Simi

Apparently, millennials don’t date with an end-game in mind. When people of this generation enter a relationship, their main concern is not their future. They don’t think of their partner as a potential spouse, but rather just the person they are with at the moment. This kind of thinking may appear to be short-sighted, but there is an upside.

The upside is that they are less likely to choose the wrong partner for life. Sure, no person gets married thinking they are going to get divorced. But if a person is more concerned with getting married than with who they are marrying, it seems likely that couple is doomed to fail.

Marriage is a pact between two people that they make for life. This is not some religious rant, and if a marriage is not working out, then the couple are well within their rights to get divorced. But, what is the point of forming a union like this if you aren’t committed to it for the whole of the foreseeable future? Also, how do you pick a partner? This question has no quick or easy answers.

Each person is different and will value different things in a potential spouse. There are, however, definitive deal-breakers. These are things that represent rather large flaws in the relationship. You shouldn’t take a relationship like this to the next level, and here’s why.

1. You don’t want a relationship yet you don’t want to be alone

A psychological study decided there are two types of people when it comes to relationships. There are those who are happier and more fulfilled in a relationship. Then there are those who achieve the same level of satisfaction by being alone. The latter of these people would, at a time, be a misnomer in society. People used to see them as not emotionally stable enough to maintain a relationship.

But new studies show that this is not the case. These people are generally not the ones who will enter an ill-advised marriage. It is the people who don’t know how or who don’t want to be alone who land into bad relationships and then into the wrong marriage. These people tend to be so overwhelmed by their need to be coupled, they lower their standards. Or even worse, they sugarcoat the person they are currently dating.

This kind of solution may work in the short run when it comes to avoiding loneliness, but once married to the wrong person, the loneliness will begin to show itself again. The difference being that this time, it is not that easy to get out the relationship. It is not a simple case of breaking up and then moving on.

Divorce is not something anyone wants to go through. Therefore, you should avoid it at all costs. So, for those people who are relationship people, as tempting as it may be to settle, don’t do it. Resist the temptation and stick it out until the right person comes along.