15 Ways To Naturally Increase Intelligence & Keep The Mind Sharp

By Simi
15 Ways To Naturally Increase Intelligence & Keep The Mind Sharp

What makes a person smart? Are they simply born that way or does intelligence develop over the course of your life? While it is impossible to reach a genius level overnight, people often argue whether it’s nature or nurture when it comes to high intelligence. There is no denying that certain people are born with a predisposition towards academia. These people are natural learners.

They grasp concepts easier and possibly are gifted with above average memory recall abilities. People like this are born smart, but part of being smart is always seeking to know more and do more. This is where the dividing line lies. So, it’s not necessarily about genetics or neural pathways. A smart person is never content with what they know. In fact, intelligent people know enough to know what they don’t know and strive every day to correct it.

This means if you are interested in increasing your intelligence, there’s no need to research the latest and greatest cognitive enhancing drugs. There are habits and hobbies that people use to make themselves smarter.  Here are the top 15 ways to naturally increase your intelligence and keep your mind sharp.

1. Read

Every single genius who has ever lived has been a furious reader. These people would never let their minds lay dormant. They would also not simply stick to their specific field of research. They would branch out into a multitude of topics, picking up countless bits of information along the way. Reading, however, is not only reserved for geniuses.

Ask any successful person, and they can rattle off a long list of books they have read in the last year. Most interviews with CEOs and multi-millionaires includes a question regarding the last book they read. These people don’t just read to pass the time. Granted, there is an enjoyment factor there. After all, everything you read doesn’t have to be facts and figures.

There is nothing wrong with settling down with a good fiction or fantasy novel. Even books such as these succeed in broadening your mind. They activate your imagination and force you to ponder things and people that are far from reality. They stretch the boundaries of your mind, enabling you to think in ever more interesting, unique ways.

On the other side of the spectrum lies non-fiction books. These books hold information, and they can provide one with an impressive knowledge base. By reading these books, a person knows more. They are more aware of the world around them, be it in the past, present or future.

Reading is the single most effective way to boost intelligence. There is simply no replacement for it on this list. Along with the cognitive advantages, reading enhances your vocabulary. It provides you with succinct, appropriate ways to express yourself.