15 Signs Of Highly Toxic People

By Simi

How do you define evil? Each religion has their own definition, along with various ways to spot and counteract these negative forces. Evil and evil characters even appear in books and movies. These individuals possess great power and use it not to help people, but rather to harm them.

Evil people are in the business of using force to amass even more power. And they do it by striking down anyone who stands in their way. Fiction depicts evil people to make it easy to distinguish between them and the good protagonists. Their darkness and degeneration of spirit are not up for debate. Instead, it is there for everyone to see.

But in reality, evil people are not easy to spot. They do not reveal their motives beforehand because they want to avoid detection. They are masters of disguise and blend into a canvas of people without any difficulty. These evil people are not like the people from the stories. They do not have plans for world domination or destruction.

What makes them evil is their distinct lack of empathy for other people. This is not to say that they are sociopaths or psychopaths. Rather, they use and betray people. And they do it without caring how a person is hurt in the process. Here are some ways to spot evil people who do not have your best intentions at heart.

1. They Don’t Share the Whole Story of Their Lives

The best way to conceal one’s motives and overriding character is to keep people in the dark. The same is true for evil people. They may spend oodles of time getting to know every aspect of your life. But you will never know everything about them. The focus will always be on you and not them.

This is because the more they know about you, the more they will be able to control and manipulate you. Once a person is aware of your background, personality, and desires, it is easy to hurt and use you. This is because negative people now know where your pressure points are. They know where your insecurities lie and where they originate from, too. They know how to hit you where it hurts the most.

Once in that vulnerable state, you will be at their mercy. Knowledge is power, and evil people will never relinquish that power. They will not even the playing field by divulging as much to you as you did to them. Instead, they will safely guard their true story. They may even fabricate an entirely new life altogether and deliver it to you on a silver platter.

What’s more, they will not tell everyone the same story. Each person will likely get a different version. This will leave acquaintances of these evil people thinking they must be living a double life because things do not add up.  A true connection with a person is through vulnerability.

It is through this vulnerability how you learn about a person and begin to care about them. An evil person does not want you to learn about them. They do not want you to know them because they want full control.