15 Unusual Ways People are Making Money

By Loraine

For most working people around the world, there’s no time to think about a side gig. The nine-to-fiver schedule is usually work, eat, sleep and repeat, with some random activities in between. The overall pattern is often the same, so there’s not enough time to start something on the side. Yet there are many unusual ways people are making money. But unusual doesn’t necessarily mean weird, but just not conventional.

You’ve may have had this great idea buzzing in your head, but then life got in the way. Routine responsibilities can interrupt your fleeting moment of peaceful, productive thoughts. Whatever the case, many of us never get around to starting a side job. But the few who do are often rewarded handsomely for their efforts.

Many people start something small on the internet. Then in time, it grows into something that makes enough money to sustain them. Technology and social media are invading our lives from every possible angle. And they have made it far easier to reach a mass audience.

Some people make extra cash using their special talents. Others earn money doing something that doesn’t take a lot of effort. Some people get money doing things they enjoy doing anyway. You would be surprised at the things you can get paid to do.

Obviously, the easy tasks don’t pay much. But, if it’s something that pays repetitively for the same task, you can rack up some extra pocket cash. There are hundreds of unusual gigs people can try. Keep reading this list to see what’s out there. Some jobs are unusually cool, and others are just plain unusual.

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1. Selling Your Own Sperm

A lot of people sell their body fluids, believe it or not. And donating sperm can be a great way to make some extra money. But there is a bit of a catch with this one. The donor needs to qualify. The qualifications include height, build, attractiveness, blood type and sexual preferences.

They also look at educational background, ethnicity and family medical history. These are things that could potentially be on the wish list of the sperm seeker. The process can be rigorous, but if you meet all the qualifications, you could make thousands of dollars. And just for doing something you’re probably doing anyway. The only difference is that you’re doing it in a controlled environment.

However, sperm banks often have an all female staff to administer tests. They also take you to the sacred room with the TV and porn. And then there’s the chair, which is probably still warm from the last patron. Another potential hurdle in this process is that even if you pass the tests so far, you’re still not out of the qualifying stage. After you’ve given them a couple of samples, they need to test your little swimmers to make sure they aren’t deformed or lazy.

Remember, they’ve narrowed it down to guys like you, and they only choose a few lucky ones. If they choose you, you may have to sign a contract to provide a sample once or twice a week. You may be obligated to come in for months or even a year. And until you fulfil all your obligations, you won’t get paid.

It assures everyone that you’ll live up to your contract. The whole process of in vitro fertilization is outrageously expensive. It can be quite difficult, requiring a lot of tries. So, if you sign on the dotted line, you’ve much signed on for a contracted job.

It’s a lot to go through, but if you’re a qualified donor, it’s a good payoff considering what you’re being paid to do. Once you’ve qualified once, there’s a good chance you could qualify again later.