2. Tim Westergren, 35 – Pandora

Music streaming was once a wild dream though of only by visionaries. The thought of having an online music library seemed like something straight out of a science fiction movie. People were used to storing their music on iPods and Personal Computers, without any regard for a cloud service for music. Before Spotify, Netflix, Deezer, and iTunes, there was one company that ruled the streaming world, and still does, in a certain way. That company is none other than Pandora, which was founded in 2004, by its iconic and charismatic CEO and chairman, Tim Westergren.

Tim only decided to find Pandora when he was at the tender age of 35. Life was not kind to him at all, as he passed through numerous trials and tribulations. Tim is originally a Stanford graduate but didn’t manage to put his political science BA to good use.

After his graduation, years of being an unsuccessful musician ensued. It could have broken his dreams and shattered his will, but that time, but that time only made him a better and more capable man. The man who was a failed musician came up with an idea to change the music world forever.

At first, Pandora was only a hardware company that gave permission to stores to play music. It was rough during the first time, as nobody seemed to catch on to the trend. Only after two years did Pandora become an online streaming service. During those two years, each of Tim’s employees worked completely without pay! Yes, this story is a true one, as the incredible man behind the idea gave speeches day in and day out in order to help convince his crew to stay.