The 15 Coolest Places to Visit In 2018

By Loraine

If you love to travel, you know your list of must-see places gets bigger all the time. Flights to new destinations are more affordable, and many people are jumping on the digital nomad train. In fact, more people are exploring new places that hold new mystique and experiences. No matter how much you travel, it seems like more amazing places are popping up all the time.

So how do you decide where to go? Should you go to an undiscovered place that will soon be full of tourists? What places will change the way you feel about society or your perceptions? And what places allow you to get away from it all, so you can just be?

These 15 cool places all fit the bill to excite your senses. Experts in travel have delved into these areas of the world and found them to be the next big thing. These hidden gems have enough tourism to get fed and find places to sleep. Better yet, tours for these highlighted spots in the area are do-able, but not tourist traps.

1. Cambodia

Cambodia has long been recognized as one of the places to visit before you die, thanks to Angkor Wat. It’s the largest temple of its kind in the world and can take up to three days to see. In 2018, there is a new addition to Cambodia’s offerings. Now luxury hotels are making an appearance in this once war-riddled country. They will allow travelers to see some of the less traveled areas of Cambodia.

Six Senses and Alila are on Krabey Island and Koh Russey. And the beaches there have the finest white sand. Rosewood is opening hotels in the main cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. There is also a glamping opportunity that is a big deal on a worldwide scale. Also, Bill Bensley’s Shinta Mani Wild is going to be a tented camp in Siem Reap. This is no ordinary camping ground, though. It’s pure luxury among nature.

If you know anything about Cambodian history, you’ll see this development as a victory. It’s also a testament to the people who have moved on and prospered. While there is a lot of outside investments going on, it’s a good sign these big hotel chains see Cambodia as a safe, peaceful place for tourism.