15 Tips To Help Simplify Future Goals

By Loraine
15 Tips To Help Simplify Future Goals

Goal setting has the ability to give you everything you ever wanted, if you do it right. The problem is that most of us overcomplicate things. We only set goals every once in a while, making it a much bigger mountain to climb. Did you know that 80% of New Years resolutions will fail by February?

Most of us will set goals by looking at our lives and picking apart the things we don’t like. We then set goals based on that negative mind frame. Generally, our goal setting revolves around wanting more of something or less of something.

Goal setting can be really hard or really easy. Here, we have 15 ways to keep it simple and actually get what you want from your goals.

Attributed to Kaplan & Norton

1 Create a Master Scorecard

Some people will create a scorecard of all the aspects of their life. Within the scorecard, metrics can be put in place so that results are easier to measure. For a maximum effect, you can check in on how your process is going weekly, monthly, and quarterly. This is a truly motivating way to keep yourself in check.

Being able to see results on the short and long term helps you to see that you are in fact making progress. A master scorecard makes it easy to see all the fine details of your goals. You can see where you’re making progress and where you’re not. It also helps you to see the time frame in which results begin to manifest.

Using this method as a means to achieve goals will become an integral part to your success. It will push you when you’re not feeling motivated. You will have a gauge on what is working and what’s not and you’ll also have timelines so your goal keeping is less of a mystery. Through keeping score of the success of your goals, you’ll be less likely to quit something because you can look back on your data and see the time it takes to meet similar goals.