The 18 Most In-Demand Jobs That Pay Over $100,000 in America

By Simi

Glassdoor is a job search and career intel company. They collect information, such as salaries and job ratings from their users. Glassdoor also analyzes millions of salary reports to create lists of the best-paying positions every year. They also use a statistical algorithm to estimate annual base pay.

From median base pay figures calculated by the job site, it appears that healthcare industry positions come with competitive salaries. This is due in part to the increased demand from an aging population. Physicians like anesthesiologists, surgeons, obstetricians, gynecologists and orthodontists are the top earners among physicians.

Another industry that keeps growing is IT. The proliferation of data is creating great demand. At the same time, the complexity of data is leading to the creation of new, high-paying positions. In this increasingly technology-driven world, organizations are looking for employees to solve problems regarding computer and information systems. In the future, some jobs will exist, but others won’t or will evolve.

Before you start mapping out your career goals, know the changes in the workplace, as well as the jobs that will be important in the future. Most high-paying jobs require a high level of education and experience. High pay goes with the skills in the most demand. Higher education and positions can also protect you from competition or automation.

The average job seeker looks at salary, benefits and perks. But they should also consider the competition. Many hot jobs abound in healthcare, tech and business sectors. It’s important to consider how many other candidates are vying for a position, too.

1. Physician – Median Base Salary: $187,876

Developing the knowledge and skills to practice medicine takes much time and effort. So it is important to understand that before making a commitment. Becoming a physician begins at an accredited medical school for four years to obtain a Medical Doctor (MD) degree.

This is followed by studying family medicine or specialty training. If you decide on family practice, it takes a minimum of two more years. If you want to specialize it may take at least four more years. You need to be committed for at least seven years and possibly even nine or more.

Physicians promote, maintain and restore health by treating a wide range of medical problems. Their studies enable them to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries and all kinds of mental and physical issues. They prescribe medicines, perform diagnostic tests and surgery. They also counsel patients on healthy living. If they are in general practice, doctors provide medical care to individuals and families in a community.

Choosing to specialize gives you a wide range of options. This includes becoming a neurologist, cardiologist, urologist, obstetrician, pediatrician or a plastic surgeon. You will work as a resident physician while you are in training, but this is a paid position.

The increasing aging population is driving the demand for healthcare services. As a result, there will be many changes in this industry in years to come. Almost half of the adults in this country suffer from one or more chronic disease. And doctors must coordinate their care. There is a growing need for multiple physicians to collaborate. Most medical schools have adapted curricula, now including an interdisciplinary approach.