18 Easy Ways to Spot a Liar

By Simi

No one likes it when someone lies to them. In fact, it may a flaw in evolution that human beings are able to fabricate lies and distort the truth. Lying is so horrible, it falls into the realm of the unnatural. Why can’t people say what they mean and mean what they say? It helps to know these 18 easy ways to spot a liar.

But what about white lies? People tell white lies to avoid awkward or messy situations, which is understandable. No one wants to fight or make another person cry. However, a sociopathic liar falls into another category. Can you tell when someone lies to you? Keep reading to learn how to tell when someone is being dishonest with you.

1. Observe Their Body Language

People don’t just talk with their mouths. Although the vocalization process is a complex one, people often communicate with their entire bodies. This is abundantly clear when someone is angry because they tend to gesticulate wildly. The actions may not be the same, but people also use their bodies when they lie.

There is no fanfare when it comes to this variety of body language. It is far subtler. When a person lies, the brain immediately interprets it as a falsehood. Some may be tempted to label this reaction conscience, but it is neurological. A lie is unnatural to the brain.

The brain can tell when someone is fabricating a story or deviating from the truth. What’s more is that the brain is afraid of being caught. It is this fear that directly translates to the body. When a person lies they instinctively try to make themselves smaller and less vulnerable. This is evident in hunched shoulders and a general folding in of the body.

A person may also become fidgety mid-lie. This is a result of nervous tension and is evident in the hands or in a rapid shifting of the feet. When trying to conceal their fidgeting and the lie, a person may even try to hide their hands.