15 Self-Made Immigrants Who Struck It Rich To Prove Everything Is Possible

By Simi
15 Self-Made Immigrants Who Struck It Rich To Prove Everything Is Possible

Immigration is a word that is often thrown around in present-day society. With political and economic unrest, many people choose to leave their countries in search of a better life. It is every man’s right to seek a better set of opportunities for himself and his family. In many countries, corruption, fear and unrest rule. Nobody deserves to live such a way. A minority decides to make the next step and step into the unknown.

This is important for one country in particular – the United States. Before everyone forgets, this country was indeed founded by English immigrants and was strengthened by Italian, Irish and other immigrants, along with African slaves. Basically, people from all over the world came together to form one great nation. They didn’t always start off easy, as many difficulties await people from other nations.

But what about those who made it? Yes, there are people from other countries who have seized the opportunity and made millions or even billions. We’ve decided to give you their inspirational stories as a means of demonstrating the notion that everything is possible. Let’s dissect their treacherous climb to the top and the magnitude of their success.

Josie Natori – The Philippines

Josie decided to make the big step and move to Westchester, New York, in order to attend college. Like every person from abroad, she was shocked and confused by 180 degrees change from her past life. As her first semester was passing, she longed for the Filipino food, humor, and rituals. Every single day she thought about giving up and returning to her home country. However, she made the smart choice for deciding to stay strong when she needed to be the most.

After getting her economics degree, she went on to work for a renowned Wall Street company called Bache & Company. Working at the financial center of the world is an accomplishment for just about everyone, let alone an immigrant. Josie is intelligent and was able to climb the corporate ladder quite easily. Despite the initial euphoria, it still wasn’t enough. She wanted to create something of her own, not merely serve the interests of others.

After getting a son in 1976, she consulted with her husband about creating a business. Thus, she came to the idea that she should design luxury women’s sleepwear. It was hard in the beginning, but she learned the ins and outs of the business and understood what needs to be done. Nowadays, her company is run by her, her husband and her son. Recently, they made a deal with the target to distribute budget loungewear and lingerie. It was a success and her company earned hundreds of millions.

Her message to young entrepreneurs is to never give up and stay true to your ideas. She went through almost ten years of minimal profits in order to see some substantial improvement. Therefore, it’s important not to give up in the face of diversity.